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Rob Zimmerman
12 July
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30 year old student/writer/veteran. I was born and raised in S. Florida. I spent most of my formative years in Boca. That was ... interesting. Shortly after my 20th Birthday, I joined the Army Infantry and moved to Germany. From there I deployed to Iraq twice, totaling 27 months in Combat. It kinda screwed me up by taking away my civilian coping methods of dealing with everyday stuff. I'm used to trying not to die. It's not like that here and you need a totally different set of mental tools that I'm trying to regain access to. I've decided that I'm not Rob pre-2000. I'm not SGT Zimmerman anymore either. I'm both and my way is being ironed out. I merely walk the road and keep both eyes open. I follow my heart in nearly everything I do and I use logic to try and sort out the rest.

At present, I'm graduating @ PBSC in May and moving on to FAU for Fall term 2013. f

I'm going after a Communications Degree. I'm looking to learn how to edit scripts for film and tv. That's the short goal. In ten years I want to be working on actual films. In 20 years I would like to be directing my own movies. I could see myself doing voice work for animated shows, too. I think there's a great number of things that I could do, but I feel all of them have to do with film and tv and entertainment. I think once I've learned how to tell a story properly, and how to do the basics, then I can start using my own ideas to say whatever it is I feel needs to be said.

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