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Safety Buzz
Jet plane, leaving on one, I am 
20th-Mar-2014 03:57 am
So, I went and met the professor of the class that I am the most concerned about at the moment. He told me that after my explanation of the circumstances of changing jobs, being new at FAU, at generally just trying to make it happen, he decided to allow me to make the missed assignments, so long as I get them in quickly. We agreed upon 7 days from today.

Also, I found that I have to pick my classes soon. Like, now-ish, actually. I'm a little bit alarmed that it came up on me so fast. The first term is 80% complete. Jeez, that flew by. In addition, Professor Singer recommend that based on my intended career, I talk to my advisor about going after an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree in the Arts. Essentially, it's like a broader spectrum of courses that allow more choices within the field of Communications. He said I could mix it up with a few different types of degrees. However I still need to take a set foreign language courses. Crap. I thought I got lucky on that one. Oh well, Espanol it is.

I'm leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow morning with Russ. Scott will be there in the evening I believe, Steph and Chris are already down there. I'm kinda bummed out that, again, I won't be seeing much of Ben. Oh well. I guess that's an excuse to make another trip sometime in the near future. It should be a fun trip, despite having to find a way to fit homework into the mix. I have one sizable, but not insane, assignment, due Saturday, and two smaller ones due Sunday. I can knock those out in a lazy morning. It's the bigger one I'm a little worried about. It has...facets. I hate facets. What ever happened to simple homework?

Oh yeah, I'm in college. Crap.

So, I'm not gonna get much sleep on this one, folks. It's all fumes, all the way. But fuck it, I'm on vacation as of right this moment. Just gotta get money on the way to airport. Should be good. Tales to come. 
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