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First night of training at Kava Sutra 
11th-Mar-2014 05:11 am
Very not bad. If I calculate my hourly, I made about $140 total for the night. If it was only me instead of me and chris it'd have been closer to $200. I can only imagine what the Friday and Saturday nights are like. I managed to keep myself busy and have a little fun, too. I think I can get used to this job pretty quickly. The one downside is that the kava tears my stomach up. Much like alcohol. I think I have to try and avoid drinking the shells and stick to the shots of extract. It's nice to get a crowd of people that aren't out drinking, even if the habit of drinking kava could be construed as the same type of vice with a prettier mascot. It's "natural." And it is. It comes from a root. But anything you drink to get fucked up can have the same type of effect, which is essentially just running from problems. The Kratom Tea (which has a similar effect to pain killers or common opiods) attracts the type of people that I like to avoid. Some girl was in there tonight asking for the "blue top" tea, an entry level Kratom. The DEA just stopped allowing this product to be imported. That is total bullshit by the way, for a number of reasons, but mostly because it's just unconstitutional. It's a natural alternative to illegally consuming harmful pharma. However, I don't make the laws. Yet.

Point being there was a young lady, pretty as Hell, too, asking for this shit. She was totally strung out. She looked like Scott used to look when he was coming down and panicked as fuck because he didn't know how to get more. Like, out of options. I immediately felt sorry for her, she started in about her boyfriend breaking up with her (while I'm thinking it's because she's a drug addict) and how her friends didn't come through on blues (of fucking course). So she's drinking this tea that someone told her about. And I have to be honest, I've tried it. It completely numbed the awful pain in my neck and shoulders. Within minutes I felt perfectly relaxed. And surprisingly focused. I wouldn't want to write an essay, but I was easily able to paint and converse at the same time.

Because I was so impressed with the results, I knew it was a bad omen. I see how it's so habit forming. Anything that makes you feel that good is habit forming. People say the withdrawals if you do make a habit of it are fantastically awful. Remarkably similar to coming off oxycontin from the word around town.

It seems to be the nature of life that most substances which fall into this genre of "relaxants" and so forth, tend to be habit forming. The lesson to be learned from all my experiences with all of the substances I've felt the urge to sample, is that everything if abused can be universally harmful to you, your body, your mind, your growth, your family and everyone that comes into contact with you. One substance may be less physically addicting or harmful, but I'm willing to bet that there are auxiliary effects which can't be quantified. The point being, nothing should be abused if at all possible. I'm tired of being around the lifestyle that alcohol has created. I know very, very few people that do not drink. I respect them for it. I would love to be turned off by drinking. But I love the taste of good beer, and wine, and of quality bourbon, rum, vodka, sake. I like a lot of different types. I don't drink much on my own, but if I'm hanging out with heavy, regular drinkers all the time, that's how I tend to behave. So, leaving Chili's was probably a good idea. More than anything, I was spending money I didn't really want to spend after work, also, losing time that could be spent in bed, "blowing off steam after work,"with colleagues. Normal, to be sure, just not a great lifestyle. All it seemed to do was fuel the negativity I experienced at work there. I'm hoping this experience will be a bit different. The Kratom is on limited time. We can sell what we have and it goes bye-bye, probably for good from these shores.

Surprisingly, I have nothing personal to discuss for the record. I'm kinda bored with things, but I'm keeping busy, and I have that vacation coming up to look forward to. I have that new bike to cruise around on, maybe burn some fat at the same time. School seems to be going all right. I'm not where I really want to be, but I was all disorganized at the jump. I'll be better next time. 
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