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In the process of rearranging... 
2nd-Mar-2014 01:50 am
I have to accomplish my homework prior to tomorrow night, which means that I have to wake up early, eat breakfast and submit at last three, hopefully all four assignments due tomorrow at midnight. There is no guarantee that I'll be home in time to get them submitted by 12, so it has to be be done in the morning. I'd get started now but I'm beat. Work would not slow down today. I didn't get cut from lunch until two of the relief servers for my section arrived. I stopped getting sat, but I still had to run food while watching tables and trying to clean up. On top of that for the same amount of sales last night for dinner, approximately $600 to the store, I made only $72. I'm not entirely sure of the percentage, but it's somewhere about 12%. It was the same last night. While the snowbirds are still here, there is a much greater presence of the locals returning because the poor tips are rampant already. It was good for a few weeks, but I'm glad that I've chosen to bail now instead of waiting until it gets really bad and looking then. That's how I got stuck here for the last year. I intended to get out after the previous season turned out to be a total loss for me. We got our asses kicked and didn't make shit. The veterans at the time complained that they made less than half of what they made in prior years. As a server, I've never really broken more than $650 in a week and that's totally being smoked at the end. It just isn't worth it anymore. Id' rather make less money more often and have less stress on the job than at Chili's. It's too much bullshit. And I have zero tolerance for bullshit.

I get kind of weird vibes about this new place already. Chris, the guy that referred me, warned me that the guy I'll be working with for the first week, whose name is P-dog, by the way, is a weird person of sorts. He's really into this "gratitude training" thing. I've heard of it before, and to be frank, it sounds cult-y, on the level of Scientology. I can't throw money at someone to make me feel better about myself. I especially don't like the idea that they are encouraged to recruit other people as part of their training. It's an incentive to graduation to get newcomers. That seems like a scheme. If you have to contribute money to get the result, you aren't a member, you're a customer. They're selling you something. People that really buy into that put me off. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but it's about for the same reason that literal interpreters of holy books put me off. We live in the 21st century. Fairy tails are for kids and archaic cultures. So is this type of brainwashing. You're better off just meditating and centering yourself on your goals and thinking positively about life for an hour a day. It's cheaper. Add a little Yoga for exercise and you've got a mellow lifestyle that makes you pleasant to be around around because your head is together. Maybe that's too simplistic. I suppose that some people really do desire this kind of cognitive reprogramming as it were. It still sounds far too much like brainwashing.

The reason I mention this is because Chris told me in passing that I should try and respond positively when this guy starts trying to get me into his way of life, and that I may not get a good word to the higher ups if I don't take it seriously. He said to just play along but not to engage with curiosity. I don't like playing games. Why can't we just talk about video games and history and guy shit while we work. Music, that sort of thing. Anyhow, I suppose in the grand scheme of things to come in the next few years, a weirdo sub-boss-minion person to deal with is kinda at the bottom of my concerns. They haven't even made up my permanent schedule, yet. I'm trying to put in a good impression and be done with training, so I have to go in with food in my tummy and coffee in my blood stream. 9AM Monday morning I meet this dude, not to train on the job, but to do handy man shit. Which I'm not to keen on. If he tries to get stupid with me, I'm going to have to set him straight. I'm reasonable person, don't order me about. Ask me nicely and I will excel in my tasks, but don't be a douche. He was a douche on the phone.

My new bicycle should arrive on Thursday. I'm stoked. I just hope that I am at home when it arrives. I hate UPS for this reason. They expect you to wait around all damn day. If you happen to get missed, they come back at another inconvenient time... last time this happened three times and I had to go to the main depot in Deerfield to get my shit. First world problems I suppose.

I got a sweet bike from Pure City Cycles in CA. It's a single gear commuter bike, kinda between the style of a mountain bike and a road bike, but without any gears. Interestingly, it has a reversible hub on the back wheel that allows either free spin mode, so you can coast after you get to a certain speed, or you can leave it as is and use the "fixed-gear" method, which is like having forward, and reverse on your bike, allowing for exceptional control of speed and power. The trade of is that your legs never, ever stop moving, and if you go down hill you control the speed, which is difficult for a novice. I'm gonna try it out on my street for a few days before I decide to commute that way. I think it will be safer to have the coast mode and install both sets of brakes until I get used to a bike again. It's been several years. I even ordered a really nice lock. I think it'll be fun to ride my bike around to and from school. Maybe not in the summer, but hey, I'm down to lose some weight this year, so fuck it. Who cares about getting a little sweaty anyhow? It's Florida, man.

I think I may be tired enough to attempt sleeping. I'm wired from the homework for the other class tonight. My brain wants to play, I want to sleep. My body is beat and I crave the face-pillow comfort of my new bed. Night. 
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