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First month of 2014 down.  
9th-Feb-2014 01:37 pm
So, we are we, Robert? We've managed to secure loans, enroll at FAU, start attending classes and get the GI Bill rolling again.

My financial situation is solid for the time being. I'm having some difficulty balancing work and studying and doing homework. There's a metric shit ton of reading for all of these classes. I mean, ALL of them. Four classes. Two of them have six books total. Then one each for two more. Eight books I'm supposed to be reading. At once. Now, I'm a smart dude, but fuck my life. I'm trying to get more time off from work. Admittedly, some of the time is for me to "play" more, but mostly I need time to do other work. I've been good little Robert for a while hiding in the house, saving money and all that, but I've realized that in order for me to enjoy my life, I have to be getting out while I'm doing all of this stuff. That is to say I need a day to fuck off and go to the beach for a few hours between writing essays for class. I don't have that right now and I would like to have it very much. I need a "me" day. I used to like Tuesdays for that. Nobody does anything on a Tuesday. It's a killer day to get things done. Now I have a Chiro-thing that day, and school at night in Davie, so Tuesday is right out. Wednesday has two classes scheduled. Fun. Thursday has no classes, but I always work at night. Friday is a lunch shift. Saturday lately has been doubles. Sunday is almost always a dinner shift. Mondays are work also, with class during the day. See. No me time.

Well, shortly, the sunsets will start coming later and later and I'll have more time to do things during the "day." I find it hard to do complicated school work in the evenings. That's more creative thought time than anything for me. I'm trying to break all of the thought molds I have again so I can adapt to this new situation. The first month in a semester always seems to be about getting traction for me. After that, I'm usually pretty solid with knowing what is due in what class when and making that happen. I'll be better next term.

So, I paid Scott back the $500 he loaned me many moons ago. He didn't want to accept it, but that's a matter of pride for him. That he could loan me money when I needed it (school and bills). I considered it a loan. He considered it a gift. I stuck with him through some fairly awful shit. He felt he owed me one and that I may not ever be able to pay him. Sweet of him, but I like to pay off what I feel I owe. I would have preferred to have doubled it, but I'm not quite that comfy yet. I have a lot of things to make happen.

My first $500 towards my credit card was dropped yesterday. I've been tossing back and forth whether to just cough up the vast majority of it with my loan money. "Be out of debt now." But that's just robbing Peter to pay Paul. My dad used to do that kind of thing. Look where it got him. So I'm going to manage my debt like an adult and take the time to pay it off. It'll be good for me. I need some discipline when it comes to money. I have more of it, and technically, I earned it by asking though the proper channels and it is mine to use as I see fit, and I can ask for more student loans, and be solid again for a while, and out of debt.... one kind of debt. I'd be in bigger student debt than I was in credit card debt. I mean, I already am there actually, but this serves a fairly serious purpose. I'm trying to get this done and graduate. I'm making good money at work these days, too, so between that and the other areas of finance, things are better. Much more manageable. In fact, very shortly I have to get in the shower and go to work all over again today.

So, in reward for getting my shit together in some type of recognizable fashion this month I have purchased new sunglasses. I once had a pair of the most comfortable, good-looking, face fitting, lightweight, Oakley Aviators I'd ever been lucky enough to find. My eyesight is hyper sensitive to brightness. Conversely, I have excellent night-vision. I can see in near-total darkness. Maybe mom ate lots of carrots? Point being, that I lost this excellent pair of shades nearly four years ago at Bonnaroo. My fault. They survived all four days, and I forgot them on the grass when I fell asleep during Dave Matthews. Poop. Anyhow, I've purchased new pair of them, Same model, different colors. Instead of copper titanium with bronze polarized lenses I picked up silver titanium with light grey polarized lenses. A little more understated this time. I still have my other pair, but they are rather worn from excessive use. I live in fucking Florida. The sunshine state. It's painfully bright for me like 300 days a year. Them babies are a little beat up. All things considered, though, good condition, just tired and I want to put them on a shelf for a while. Ergo proctor sunglasses.

Also, I love Amazon Prime. I love it so much that I'm convinced it might be the devil. lolz.

So I go to work now. While I don't look forward to that precisely, I do look forward to the hot shower. My neck still hurts. I'm buying a new mattress this week, too. Memory foam. And one of those orthopedic pillow thingymibobbers.

/update complete. 
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